Our Story

Kirsty Angerer is the creator of Poised People.

She is a Certified Professional Ergonomist, Fitwel Ambassador, WELL Movement Concept Advisor and a huge advocate of living a healthy and fulfilled life.

Kirsty has been working in the field of ergonomics for the last 10 years and is fondly known as ‘The Travelling Ergonomist’. This ergonomic consulting business has taken her all over the world where she has helped businesses engage with ergonomics and create robust ergonomic programs, presented seminars to large groups of people about wellbeing in the workplace and conducted countless workstation assessments.

She hosts a successful podcast called Navigating the Workplace with The Travelling Ergonomist, where she draws insights from experts in the fields of ergonomics, health and the workplace. She regularly spends her time speaking at events all around the world. Really her main goal is to capture people’s attention on the importance of ergonomics and how it is a major feature of any wellbeing program.

Through all of these interactions she has collected 1000s of stories from people all around the world about their work environment, how they navigate it and the common aches and pains that are plaguing our workplaces today.

After seeing this many people in pain or discomfort she decided enough was enough and that everyone who owns a device or works with a device should understand how to set themselves up in a neutral posture in whatever task they are doing, learn how to avoid those dreaded aches and pains and how to identify the risks.

Not only that but there is a huge opportunity for us to perform better at work if we are in the right frame of mind, in the correct posture and moving regularly. In fact, you should leave the office feeling better than when you walked in. You should leave feeling fulfilled, accomplished and have the energy to do more than just go home and slump on the sofa.

Kirsty’s goal is to help you understand all of this and learn how to make the environment you work in, work for you.  With Poised People you now have the opportunity to learn about your body whenever and wherever you want to. Empowering you to understand how to get your body into a neutral posture is what we hope to achieve.